Administrative Services

Keep your business growing and running smoothly

We seek to provide our administrative and services that support the plans
Corporate sustainability and growth. Our services enable you to achieve your goals
and eliminating obstacles to developing governance, which leads to
Achieving medium and long term goals based on experience
and knowledge of our team.


a) Corporate Governance

Stay informed and informed of everything new

Through this service, we help you understand and assimilate corporate governance and its changing regulations to enhance
Accountability, transparency and investor capital management, we also provide robust operational control
For the company’s administrative responsibilities to protect management and prepare reports. Corporate governance services include:
Stay informed and informed of everything new
• Establishment and preparation of the Board of Directors and its affiliated committees
• Follow up on the work of the Board and the meetings of the General Assembly
• Create a consensus strategy with the direction of the Board of Directors
• Create and manage policies and procedures
• Preparation and design of the administrative and functional structure

b) Compliance (Commitment)

Enjoy safe financial procedures and preserve the reputation of your company

We provide our clients with the best solutions and help to implement them successfully to keep the company in business
Safe from fraud risks. Compliance services include:
• Assisting companies in obtaining licenses from regulators
• Compliance Counseling
• Outsourcing compliance, compliance and anti-money laundering
• Assessment of compliance risks and control gaps
• Compliance Monitoring
• Preparing compliance reports
• Prepare and manage policies and procedures
• Prepare companies for supervisory inspection of regulators
• Investigation of fraud cases
• Continuous training
• Finding the best regulatory technical solutions for governance, compliance and anti-money laundering

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